May 2024 Update

We know things look a little different here. As many of you know, this last year has been challenging. Trying to constantly rescale a business like ours with fluctuating demand is nearly impossible. I finally came to the point at which one thing was clear: I was either going to find a solution or I was going to call it a day. In speaking with friends, family, and yes, many of our most loyal customers, one thing was clear: this brand needed to survive. Well, because of the recent changes we’ve made, I believe it will. I recently partnered with a great team of people committed to the same level of quality you've come to expect to handle our production and fulfillment. This partnership, however, does come with some changes. You’ll immediately notice our new, more environmentally-friendly jars with a larger pour, as well as redesigned labels. You'll then notice our lower price – only $25. These are exciting changes! We have also made some changes as it relates to our scent selection. We know many of you will miss some of your favorite scents (we will, too), but we hope you take this opportunity to find some new favorites. The best change of all, however, is our new fulfillment period – averaging just two business days. We know this is an area in which we have always struggled, and it's one of the main reasons behind this transition. This change also allows us to expand our shipping to 28 countries around the world. Some things won’t change, however: our values will remain the same, including the content of our social media posts and labels, and our commitment to our products being sourced and made in the United States. We will also continue to donate 5% of our sales each month to organizations supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Change isn't always easy, but we've made these changes to ensure our brand lives on for years to come. We thank you for sticking with us during this transition period and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

❤️ TGG

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That Gay Guy Candle Co. was founded in Michigan in 2020 out of a desire to promote visibility and inclusivity, as well as spread love and laughter through a quality product, and to give you the opportunity to do the same.

In addition to our ongoing commitment to protecting the environment and your health, That Gay Guy Candle Co. also stands firm in our commitment to promoting visibility and inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community, and celebrating diversity and condemning bigotry and intolerance. Our products may offend at times, but they are rooted in love and lightheartedness. They are intended to serve as an opportunity for our customers, members of this brand’s community, to express themselves authentically and celebrate the qualities that make them unique. Additionally, 5% of all sales each month will go to a different organization working to meet the needs of the LGBTQ+ community.